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7 Objects That Shouldn’t Be Found in the Ear!
The removal of foreign objects from the ear is always a common medical procedure in the emergency department. In simple terms, foreign bodies may be defined as any object that finds its way into your ear but is not meant to be there and could potentially cause damage without immediate medical attention. From my personal experience, and based on the…
All You Need to Know About Alcohol Allergy

Are you suffering from Alcohol Allergy in Singapore? In comparison to flushing, toxic as well as irritant reactions, allergic reactions to alcohol are less common. Regardless, it is important to learn about allergies, because even though they are very rare, they do occur. Just like any other type of allergy, alcohol allergies shouldn’t be ignored. This is because leaving them…

All You Need to Know About Allergic Rhinitis

Are your kids skipping school or sent home because of all that sniffles? Are you getting weird stares in public because of the occasional sneezes? Do you regularly experience the following symptoms almost every morning? Itchy eyes Sneezing Runny nose Nasal congestion In this current pandemic, these could also well be common symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis which can often be…

Healthy Air Quality with an Air Purifier
Are you spending more hours at home than you did previously? - Very likely. The pandemic has forced many employers to adapt, reorganizing their operations to facilitate work from home arrangements. As such air quality has come into sharp focus. Air quality has always been essential for optimal health. However, since you are spending a large amount of your time…
What Can I do to Prevent a Dust Allergy Reaction?

Dust is one of the most common allergens that allergy suffers have to manage on a daily basis. In an extensive study of 8000 participants in Singapore, it was revealed that 80% were allergic to dust mites. So, as you can tell dust allergies are a common complaint. The symptoms are often frustrating and inconvenient. An episode can prove quite debilitating at times. I would like to offer you some simple advice to help you obtain some much-needed relief. Here we will focus on the proactive steps that you can take to manage and minimize the effects of dust allergies.

How Can I Prevent an Allergic Reaction to Mould?

In order to understand to truly get your mould allergy under control, let us look more in depth into about mould and how it can impacts on us!

Firstly, you should know that Mould is a fungus and as such they produce spores. These reproductive spores make their way into the air if they are disturbed. Some mould spread when the weather is dry and windy outside. Other types of mould may be spread when there is dew or fog. Since it is so easy to come in contact with mould, we have come up with a suggested list of measures that you can take to prevent a mould allergy reaction.

Hives Also referred to as urticaria, hives is a very common skin condition that currently affects at least one person in five at some point in their lifetime. They are swollen plaques (wheals) or pale red bumps on your skin that usually appear suddenly. They usually resemble mosquito bites or nettle rash and are popularly described as itchy wheals. These…
Atopic Eczema

Eczema has become a common skin inflammation condition. This condition is common in children but can equally occur at any age, even in your adulthood.

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